Let’s Be Real

Be Real

Church is not a theater; quit acting the part. Think about it. How much are you acting at church? Are you walking through the doors, putting on a fake smile, and pretending you are living a blissful Christian life?

Come on now. Let’s be real.

It’s not all sunshine and daisies all the time. We don’t magically become perfect when we walk through the church doors.

We can get so caught up in playing church – smiling, shaking hands, a few bless your hearts and amens – that we don’t realize we are actually hindering ourselves and others when it comes to growing as Christians.

Church is full of people who are at different levels in their walk with God. Do you know what this means? It means there are people to learn from and people to pass on some wisdom to.

We just finished a two month study in our Sunday School class. A few times throughout the study, some others were asked to share how they had personally gone through, or are going through the subject we covered that morning. Let me tell you what I love about this.

It’s brave. Getting up and speaking in front of others is brave in general, but I think it really takes courage to get up and share what you have gone through, or what you are currently struggling with.

It’s real. This is a real person standing in front of us. It’s not just typed words on a page put together by someone we don’t know to help us live better.

It’s helpful. Hearing someone else say that they have struggled, or are currently struggling with something can be helpful. We may think this person always has it all together because they look like they do. Knowing that they need help too, helps you to realize you aren’t the only one going through a rough time. Maybe one of us is going through a similar trial. Hearing this person tell how God has helped them may be the very thing one of us needs to hear.

Friend, sometimes we scare people away from the church because we’re too focused on looking like we’ve got it all together. We forget how important it is to just be real. Even though we’re Christian, we still have struggles. Others need to see that, and they need to see how we get through those struggles with help from God and fellow Christians.

Being real helps us and others grow. If you don’t let anyone know you need help, how can they help you? If you don’t share your testimony, then how are you showing others what God has brought you through?

Be real. And if you’re gonna put that smile on your face, make it real too! You can do it!

Be brave. Be blessed.




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Author: Ashley

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