Not My Plans, Lord, But Yours…

I consider Jeremiah 29:11 my life verse. This verse was given to me years ago during an extremely difficult time. I was feeling hopeless, and I did not see a good future ahead. This verse gave me hope again, and it has been put in front of me whenever I need a reminder that God has plans for me.

As I’m getting closer to publishing my book, I have been wondering what effect it is going to have on my future. What is going to come of this? Am I really ready to do this? What do I want to happen with this book?

Ahhhh…What do I want?

It’s not supposed to be about what I want out of it. It belongs to God, but I’ve been wondering how it’s going to effect me and my plans. So I needed to be reminded again that He knows the plans He has for me. I need to trust those plans. His plans are not meant to harm me but “to give me hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11 showed up in two books that I’m currently reading. What are the odds of that? Of all the verses out there, my verse is in both of them. Some would say it is just a coincidence. I don’t think so. Not once, but twice that verse was put in front of me while I’m questioning what my book is going to do.

Okay. I’m listening. Not my plans, Lord, but yours…

Friend, do you have a life verse? Are you paying attention to plans God has for you? Are you pushing back that whisper that keeps trying to guide you? Are you afraid of giving up what you think is best for you?

Maybe it’s not a verse for you. Maybe it’s a song that you keep hearing at just the right time. Maybe it’s a phrase that multiple people have spoken to you. Maybe it’s just one word. Are you listening?

Sometimes we get so busy with our plans that we don’t hear or see what God puts in front of us. Even if our intentions are good, they may not be the plans He has for us.

This week I’m asking you to pray: Not my plans, Lord, but yours…

Be brave.

Be blessed.



Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.