Change Your Perspective

Last weekend hubby and I got up and went to the creek. He was going to metal detect while I took pictures. I already planned what I wanted to photograph. However, when we got to the location we had planned, it was crowded. I had not taken into consideration that others might decide to get out and enjoy the beautiful morning also. So we went to another spot that wasn’t crowded.

When we got there, I sat in the truck and sulked about not getting to photograph what I had planned. I looked around at the nature in front of me, and I wasn’t very impressed by it. It wasn’t what I wanted to photograph.

Wait a minute… Earth to Ashley! You love nature photos! There is plenty of nature in front of you: the creek, trees, plants, rocks…Stop sulking, and change your perspective!

And that I did…

I got out of the truck and began looking at what I had in front of me instead of what I didn’t have. I love getting close to things. I got down and photographed the water. I got down and photographed rocks and shells up close.

Then something happened that just made my day. I was joined by three butterflies. They even let me get close, and they stayed around until we left. I had so much fun photographing them. This was better than what I had originally planned.

There was no need for me to waste those few minutes sulking in the truck. What good did it do me? All it did was waste a few extra minutes I could’ve had enjoying what was in front of me.

This lesson is such a good reminder for life in general. Why do we waste any time sulking over ruined plans, or things we can’t have? Does it really make it any better?

I encourage you this week to focus on what you have. When something goes wrong, find the silver lining. Find your butterflies! You never know when God has something better planned.

Be blessed.

Be brave.



Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.