Oil Journey Update

So, I am in my fourth month of using Young Living essential oils, and let me tell you I really wish I had started using them years ago. I love oils!  (If you haven’t yet, check out my Back to Nature post for why I started using oils.)

I really did not think I would be using them as much as I am.  I didn’t know what oils I wanted to start with at first. So, I decided to begin this journey with a Premium Starter Kit and signed up as a distributor to get the 24% discount. When I got the kit, and looked at all the oils in it, I’ll admit that I really wasn’t sure I would use some of them. However, within the first two months after getting the kit, I used 10 of the 11 oils several times. I was even using some of them daily by then.

Now, I have several favorites that I do not want to let drip dry (pun intended), and I use oils every day in different ways. I’ve added them to my skin-care routine. I put them in my hair. I put them everywhere! Ha, ha! Just kidding! Really, though, it seems like I use them everywhere. I use them around the house as air fresheners, for cleaning, and now for laundry too! (I just got the Thieves Laundry Soap.)

Husbands tend to be a bit reluctant with new things, and that is how mine was until some oils helped him. Now he is used to them, and I ask him what he wants when it’s time to add more to the diffuser. I love that these oils are benefiting both of us.

I went from just wanting to try the oils in the starter kit to ordering new oils and oil-infused items each month. I love how these oils are changing my life. I love Young Living and their Seed to Seal promise. I love the friendships that are growing from this oily community.

Friends, if you are thinking about trying essential oils, let me tell you it will be so worth it. And if you have any questions about oils, or even just how I am using them, just ask. I love sharing about them! I want to help people live a less toxic life.


Be looking out for more Oily Wellness posts about how I’m using certain oils and general oil education information.



Be brave!

Be blessed!

Be oily!




Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.