Not Allowed Here

We tend to forget that often we get what we allow.

Negativity, toxicity, disrespect…

Don’t allow it.

Honestly, I could just stop there. It’s THAT simple. Well, it should be anyway. Don’t worry though. I’ll give you more to chew on.

As, um, bold…yeah I’ll go with that word…Anyway, as bold as I have been known to be when it comes to voicing my opinions on matters, in the past, I was also a push-over. Typically, people who speak boldly don’t allow others to treat them poorly, but I did. That probably came from my “need of approval.” I allowed people to speak negativity into my life, disrespect my ability to make choices, and just be toxic.

No more. Negativity. Toxicity. Disrespect. – Not. Allowed. Here.

I don’t need the approval of others. My approval comes from God. I am WORTHY because of Him. I am PRICELESS because I am His. I am CAPABLE through Him who gives me strength. No matter what anybody else says.

I have learned to politely call people out when they are being negative, toxic, or disrespectful.

If someone says something negative to you, counter back with something positive. I generally say, “Yeah, but (insert positive remark on that topic).”

If someone is being toxic, walk away. You don’t have to participate in toxic activities. If they ask why. Just simply answer, “I don’t want to do _______.” Or, “I don’t like being around you when you ________.”

If someone says something flat out disrespectful, let them know. I simply say, “That was rude.” Or, “Please don’t talk to me like that. It’s disrespectful.”

I’m learning not to argue back, or even try to get them to see it differently. Just make your statement and change the subject, or make your statement and walk away.

Negative people will learn that saying something negative to you will do no good if you re-direct them all the time.

Toxic people will learn that if they are going to act toxic or do something toxic that you won’t be around. So, they can either do it without you, or not do it.

Disrespectful people will learn that you won’t allow them to treat you like that. They’ll either need to be more respectful, or see less of you.

Unfortunately, some people will not learn. For those people, you may have to make the choice to just remove them from your life as much as possible. Friends, I have had it done to me. I’ve been the negative person. I’ve been removed from someone’s life. It took that happening for me to see how much I needed to change. So, if you think you might be one of the negative, toxic, or disrespectful people in someone’s life, then I encourage you to work on changing your ways before you get removed.

If you have negative, toxic, and disrespectful people in your life, I encourage you to encourage them to either get on board with being more positive and kind, or face losing you.

Don’t let others tear you down or cause you to question your worth.

Be Bold (politely).

Be Brave.

Be Blessed.



Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.