What Seeds Are You Sowing?

I’ve got Spring on my mind. So, let’s talk about sowing seeds.

If you plant a cucumber seed, you expect to get cucumbers. If you plant watermelon seeds, you expect to get watermelons. You don’t plant a blueberry bush and expect to get strawberries. Just as you don’t expect an apple tree to produce oranges. I think we understand how this works when it comes to gardens. However, I think we forget how this works in other areas of our lives, like our wellness.

We eat processed foods, excess amounts of sugar, and more portions than what we need and wonder why we get sick so easily. Or, we wonder why we are overweight, have diabetes, high blood pressure…The list goes on and on.

We slather on, spray on, and clean with products full of toxins unaware of the seeds we are planting in our bodies. Seeds of sickness. We may not see the negative effects of everything right away, but 20, 30, or 40 years from now could be when these seeds turn into big ugly weeds that have tangled up our bodies and choked our wellness.

When you plant a seed in the garden, it generally doesn’t sprout overnight. It takes time for it to grow beneath the surface and push through the soil. It needs nutrients, water, and sunlight to grow.

Your body is your garden. Take better care of it. Plant seeds of wellness. Water it. Give it nutrients.

Just as you plant seeds in the garden and reap what you sow, what you plant in your body will also grow.

What seeds are you sowing? What are you watering your body systems with? Are you feeding your organs the nutrients they need, or bogging them down with toxins?

Do you want to see the ugly choking weeds in 30 years in the form of cancer, obesity, diabetes… or do you want to experience the fruits and flowers of a life of wellness?

If you don’t want the weeds, sow the right seeds!

Be well!

Be brave!

Be blessed!





Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.