Smelly or Not Too Smelly?

Am I smelly or not too smelly?

That is the question…

So, I ran out of my store-bought average deodorant last week and decided not to buy more. I know, gasp!

Here’s the thing. Many of your general store-bought deodorants have toxins in them. These toxins could increase your risk of breast cancer (prostate in men), hormone disruption, Alzheimer’s, and clog your pores.

My husband used to get cysts under his arms. When he switched from using an anti-perspirant to a plain deodorant, they went away.

I’ll be honest. As much as I’ve wanted to ditch the deodorant, I’ve been reluctant. I’ve known others who have just stopped using it or switched to a natural one, and in the words of my husband they “smell like a hippy.”

Experiencing that turned me off from trying toxin-free deodorants. However, as I have ditched many other toxins in my life after beginning my journey with essential oils, I finally started to give a few things a try.

First, I started ditching the deodorant on the weekends. I used Apple Cider Vinegar instead, swabbing some under each arm with a cotton ball. It seemed to work fairly well, but it is vinegar. So, hubby wasn’t all that thrilled about the stout smell of vinegar when first applying.

When I ran out of my usual deodorant last week, I used the vinegar for a day, along with lavender oil. I had heard about people using Young Living’s Aromabright Thieves Toothpaste as deodorant, but I kept putting it off because vinegar just seemed like something that would soak in better. A friend let me know she switched to using the toothpaste. I told her I would finally give it a try over the weekend.

I’ve been using the Aromabright Thieves Toothpaste under my arms for a week now. I use a pea-size amount under each arm. I just quickly rub it in. (If you take too long, it seems to dry it out instead of rubbing in.)

The verdict? I’m pretty satisfied with it. The Toothpaste smells like mint and Thieves oil. I may not smell like roses at the end of the day, but I’m not too smelly. I know this because I’ve asked the husband to smell me.  That’s love, right?

“Hey honey, smell my pits!”

Anyway, I’m going to keep using the toxin-free toothpaste as my deodorant and see how it goes come summer when I’m in tank tops and hiking. And honestly, even with the store-bought deodorant, I’ve smelled a bit rank at the end of a trail.

So why not just ditch the toxic deodorant?

I dare you to try…

Be brave!

Be blessed!

Be healthy!



Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.