Behind Her Smile

Behind her smile

Is a girl longing to just fit in

Who’s struggled her whole life to be thin

Behind her smile

Is a mother about to come undone

Praying you don’t judge her without makeup on

Behind her smile

Is a wife who longs to have his whole heart

Doing her best to not let it all fall apart

Behind her smile

Is a woman longing for more

Dreaming to be a family of four

Behind her smile

A single momma prays to God above

Please send me a man who knows your love

Behind her smile

Is the workaholic trying to be the best

Forgetting it’s okay to stop and rest


Before you compare or criticize

Pause and think a while…

What’s going on behind her smile?


-©Ashley Reed Smith


Brave Girl, Arise


Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.