Buy the Sandals


My aunt and uncle were in town recently for my grandma’s birthday. When they come to town we women usually do some shopping together. So I met my mom, grandma and aunt at the mall.

In the first store I found two clothing items that fit well and looked great on me and decided to buy them. When we went over to the shoe department I tried on a pair of cute and comfy sandals…one of the quality brands. Then I looked at the price tag. Yikes! They were on sale, but just barely.

My aunt asked if I was going to get them. They all thought they were cute on me too. I said no and justified it with “We just paid off our house. Not buying stuff like this is why we were able to do that.”

I’m frugal y’all. I don’t spend that much on sandals. I mean, they don’t even cover your whole foot.

We checked out with my two items and went to other stores. At the last store the same cute and comfy sandals were there. And they were half price! You think that would have been my sign, but nope. Frugal me said no again. I told myself I couldn’t justify spending that much on sandals. (And they were half price!!!)

So I told my family I would see them later for dinner and headed home. I just couldn’t get those sandals off my mind on the way home though. I normally buy cheap sandals and then hate them because they are uncomfortable and poor quality. I thought about that.

Then the light bulb came on!

I’ve been working on minimalizing my wardrobe for the past year. While getting rid of things, I’ve been putting back money for new items and only buying items I look and feel great in. No more “It’ll do” items.

Setting back money for items that I love…like super cute and super comfy sandals. (That are half price!)

I almost turned the car around but decided to go ahead and go home.

When I got home I told hubby about the sandals and my light bulb moment. And then I let him know we would be stopping back by that store on our way to dinner at Grandma’s house.

I bought the sandals!

They are the MOST EXPENSIVE sandals I have ever bought. They are also the MOST COMFORTABLE sandals I have ever bought.

Friends, life is short. Sometimes you just gotta buy the sandals.


Be brave!

Be blessed!

(And still be a bit frugal)



Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.