Working Yourself Sick

Working Yourself Sick

Working Yourself Sick

Do you hate your current job? If so, it could have a negative impact on your health.

At one point in my life, I was going into work sick to my stomach because I was already dreading the e-mails waiting for me before I ever set foot in the door. I was wondering what would get pushed on us because some other department dropped the ball, what snarky comments certain co-workers would have to say, and which customers would be pushing back because they didn’t like the rate, the payment terms, or the verbiage in their own contract. Welcome to corporate life and all its misery.

Corporate life may be your dream, but it’s no longer mine. The truth is it doesn’t really matter where you’re at or what you’re doing if you don’t like it. If it eats at you day in and day out it’s not good for your health. I worked that job until I physically couldn’t continue typing under the current demands. That’s what it took for me to wake up and realize that job was harming my well-being.

Don’t let it get that far. As scary as it is to start over, it is possible. You can change your life.

Learn something new. You may not have to go back to college. There may be a certified course you can take to do something different. Or, you may find something that doesn’t require a degree that’s more rewarding than what you’re doing now.

Do you have skills you’ve forgotten about? Have you considered free-lancing and starting your own business?

There are other options. I encourage you to open your mind and get out of your comfort zone.

It isn’t healthy to continue working in a place where your time or input isn’t valued, or you are being disrespected.

You have a choice. It may not be easy. It may mean you sacrifice in other areas in order to take care of your overall well-being. But, it is your life and your choice to make.

We weren’t put on this earth to work ourselves into misery.

Choose health. Choose happiness. And may you choose a better environment for yourself.

Be brave!

Be blessed!



Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.