Embrace Your Scars

Embrace Your Scars

Scars…We all have them. I used to think I had to hide my scars or deny that they are there. Now, I see them differently. These scars I bear have a purpose.

They serve as reminders. Some remind me of what hurt me so that I remember not to go back down that path. Some scars are there to remind me of the strength God gave me to make it through that battle. When I think I might not get through my current situation, these scars remind me that I can.

Then there are scars that are there to keep me humble. These scars remind me that I played with fire and got burned. I thought I knew best, but I was wrong. These scars run deep and still hurt sometimes. They serve as a reminder that I am forgiven, and I need God, always.

Many scars fade over time as we learn the lessons from those seasons. Some last forever so we don’t forget what caused that pain or who got us through it. Some are there for others to see that they are not alone and someone else has been there too. Sometimes others are meant to see our scars so that we can provide the wisdom they need to spare them from the same pain.

Whether they are fresh or old, don’t waste so much time trying to hide them. We all fall sometimes. We get too close to the fire. We get burned. We get cut. We get bruised by this life. And that’s okay.

Because we get back up. We keep moving forward. And we use them to live better.

Be brave. Embrace your scars. They are a part of your story. Let them serve their purpose.



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Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.