I Had To Turn It Off

I Had to Turn it Off

After quitting my full-time job several years ago, I found myself with a lot more time on my hands. I spent more time outside soaking up the sun and reading in the back-yard swing. I bought my camera and started exploring our local trails and parks to take nature pictures. This time spent outdoors showed me the beauty God created in the plants and wildlife around me as I snapped photos.

However, when I wasn’t outdoors, this extra time also allowed me time to watch more shows through a popular streaming service. I grew up without cable. So, I went back and watched shows that I missed out on as a teenager. I also watched current popular shows. Before I knew it, I was going through entire seasons of shows in a week.

I didn’t realize back then that I was addicted to certain television shows. There was one that I watched for many years. I made it clear to my husband that when my favorite show was on I didn’t want to be bothered. I thought it was a reasonable request. I didn’t want to think about work, dishes, or laundry. I just wanted to immerse myself into this fictional story of others’ lives.

I didn’t realize what this addiction was doing to me or my marriage until God brought it to my attention. By ignoring my husband when I was watching a show or getting upset with him for interrupting one of my shows, I was telling him that these fictional characters were more important than him.

I was wasting hours of my life watching this made-up drama week after week. I found myself crying for some of the characters and getting angry when they were angry. I would get anxiety waiting to see if one of them lived or died. Not only that, there were activities going on in these shows that I would not do myself, but I was sitting there cheering some of them on while they were doing these things.

Networks are too focused on fighting for ratings. They must find ways to keep drawing us in. Most of the time it seems like they are keeping us in suspense to find out who is going to sleep with who or who is going to die.

I was finally able to realize these shows weren’t adding value to my life. They were causing me anxiety and stealing time from my husband. I wish I had realized it sooner, but I am glad I’ve moved forward. Now I mainly watch videos that are educational or inspirational. And I can no longer tell you what’s going on in the lives of a certain group of doctors…

What you put before your eyes over and over affects your life.

What are you watching that you may need to turn off?

Be brave!
Live purposefully!
Get outdoors!


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Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.