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Fall has just started. I see Fall as a season of shedding and preparation. The leaves on the trees change and begin to fall in preparation for winter. Animals scurry about to prepare food and shelter while there’s still time to gather. The weather starts to cool down and we prepare ourselves with warmer clothing and generally heartier food.

The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air…that’s how we really now fall is here, right?

While trees are shedding their leaves outside, it’s a good time to reflect inside on what you may need to shed during this season of your life.

Maybe summer changed you. Maybe you realized some things in your life aren’t meant to be anymore.

Do you need to shed some old habits? Do you have items that need to be let go? Do you have thoughts that need to be changed?

Embrace the shedding that Fall brings. Let go of old habits and make room for new ones. Let go of things that no longer suit you. Let go of thoughts that hold you back.

We tend to hold onto things just because it’s what we know. Sometimes we continue doing things because it’s what others expect out of us. Don’t continue doing things you no longer want to do. Don’t be afraid to change because of what others think of you.

Letting go can be difficult. However, it’s often a necessary step in preparing for more. Sometimes we don’t see the things that could be because we have too many things blocking our view.

Shake off the old season and step into the new.

Take advantage of the seasonal changes both inside and out.


Be brave!

Be blessed!

Be seasonal!




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Author: Ashley

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