New Year, New You – Tips for Setting Better Goals

New Year New You

New Year, New You – Tips for Setting Better Goals for the New Year

Just because the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins doesn’t mean that we have a new life all of a sudden. However, a new year beginning is symbolic and gives many of us a renewed feeling of hope that we can have a fresh start at life.

This excitement for a fresh start usually comes along with some New Year’s Resolutions too which are generally abandoned before Spring arrives.

So, I want to help you out and give you some ways to succeed at setting some life goals to stick with for the next year, instead of resolutions that will soon be forgotten.


Set goals, not just New Year’s Resolutions.

What do I mean by this? I mean don’t just make a cookie cutter resolution like I’m going to go the gym every day or I’m going to give up sugar.

Come on! Resolutions like that are abandoned most of the time because they’re not realistic.

Sure, there may be a few really disciplined people out there who could pull these off, but are you seriously going to put in the sacrifice for these? Really?

Set goals like I’m going to start going to the gym once a week or I’m going to limit myself to one soda each day. Setting goals like these brings me to my next point.

Break up your goals.

Can you have big scary goals? Absolutely! But don’t start your year off trying to obtain the big goal right away. You are much more likely to achieve the big goal if you break it up into small goals. Start out small and work your way up to it. If you start too big, you’ll likely burn out quick. Start with something small and measurable.

 Go to the gym once a week the first few months. If that’s working out and you want more, bump it up to twice a week. Maybe by the end of the year you can actually get yourself going every day with ease.

I set yearly goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals. Then I figure out what tasks I need to do each day to help me achieve those.

Treat Yo’self!

Set up some rewards to go along with your goals. Tell yourself when you meet your first weight loss goal, you can go buy a new outfit. If you finish writing the first chapter of your book, go celebrate with a friend. Having some reward to look forward to can help keep you going until you meet that goal.


Make sure you look over all your goals occasionally (like once a quarter) and re-evaluate them. You may need to make some adjustments. You may realize that something you really thought you wanted to accomplish isn’t that important to you now. It’s okay to change and adjust your goals.

If you’ve fallen behind, make an adjustment and start back up again. I used to just plain give up if I fell behind after the first month or two. If you give up, you’ll never get there. If it’s important to you, then keep going. Baby steps are still progress.

If you’ve written out your goals for 2019, that’s great! You’ve got step one done! Now look over your goals and see where you can break them down and make them measurable. Set some rewards. And remember to re-evaluate your goals throughout the year.

If you haven’t written out your goals for 2019, get to it! Go! Now! Grab a pen and paper and write down your goals.

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Be brave!

Be blessed!

Be a goal-getter!



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