Vision for the Year Ahead (New Year, New You – Part 2)

Vision for the Year Ahead

Vision for the Year Ahead (New Year, New You – Part 2)

How many times have you heard it said that top athletes and performers vision their success before they compete or perform? We hear Olympic runners talk about seeing themselves crossing that finish line. Swimmers vision themselves hitting the water just right and finding their stride. The gymnasts see themselves landing off that beam with two steady feet. Some of them spend years running the perfect scenario in their head over and over until competition day is finally here.

This is because having vision is important. When you take the time to see yourself doing what it is you want to do, it helps you reach that goal. It makes it feel real to you. It makes it feel achievable. It helps give you clarity.

It’s time to get clear about your year.

Don’t just tell yourself: This year will be better.

Define the “better.” Better how?

Will you be more financially stable? What does that look like? Will you get out of debt? Will you cut frivolous expenses? Will you save for a vacation?

Will you be stronger in your faith? Will you read your Bible more? Will you spend more time in prayer? Will you listen to more faith-based messages?

Will you be healthier? What does “healthier” mean to you? Will you eat out less often? Will you drink more water? Will you cook healthier meals? Will you be more physically active?

I want you to schedule time to sit down with pen and paper and write out your vision for your year ahead. Even if you just set a 10-minute timer. Sit down and start writing. Don’t worry about making it perfect. You can go back later and add to it or re-do it. Just start getting those creative juices flowing.

What do you see yourself doing? What do you see yourself having? Where do you see yourself going? Who do you see yourself with?

 Write these things down as if they are currently happening to you and the more detailed the better.

Do you see yourself going on a beach vacation this year? Write about how warm the sun feels on your back and how soft the sand is under your feet while you walk down the beach and hear the waves crashing on the shore.

Just reading that last sentence most likely made you picture walking down the beach in your mind.

That’s how powerful a vision is in your mind. Practice it. Use it over and over. Vision the year ahead. Vision yourself making that last car payment or house payment. Vision yourself getting that promotion at work. Vision yourself speaking at that conference. Vision yourself completing your goals, big and small.

God gave us the ability to vision. Use it!

Be brave!

Be blessed!



This is Part 2 of New Year, New You. Check out Part 1 if you missed it!

Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.