Overcoming Children – A Little Help Makes a Big Difference


When it comes to giving to those in need, I used to believe we should help those in our own country before helping others. I debated whether or not to even admit this because I’m ashamed of it. However, a person is capable of changing how he or she thinks and feels about certain things, and when it comes to this subject, my heart has changed.

I think a big part of me feeling that way in the first place is due to growing up with the same commercials over and over that we see here in America about children in other countries. When you see something over and over, it’s easy to become immune or numb to it. And when you hear stories of those organizations misusing funds, it makes you even more cautious to give.

My feelings changed when my church started going to Africa and supporting the Overcoming Faith schools in Kakamega, Kenya. Being able to see people I know experience in-person what it is like over there is what finally sparked my change of heart. It was no longer just a commercial on TV. My friends saw these children and held these children.

It started out with soccer ball drives and flip flops. The mission team brought over soccer balls to play with and flip flops to help with the jigger problem. Our church members went and bought so many soccer balls that a certain chain store ran out of stock.

Receiving the flip flops from Frisco Church

Seeing those kids play with the soccer balls and receive the flip-flops really hit my heart. Knowing that something we bought or money we contributed actually went to them made me realize that our little bit of help can actually make a difference.


Our church also raised money one year to dig a new well for the schools. Having another fresh water access close by makes a big difference for the students and teachers.


The Overcoming Faith Academies were started by Alice in 2000 as a way to help street kids get an education. Alice’s dream turned into a much larger ministry than what she originally planned. Within the first week, she had over 60 kids signed up. Today, over 900 students attend the Overcoming Faith schools.

In 2016, Overcoming Children, a non-profit ministry, was started at our church to help provide Christian education and food to the students of the Overcoming Faith Academies. Because these students come from what they call “acute” poverty situations and may not get fed when they get home, Alice wants to make sure the kids are fed at least one meal a day at school and also breakfast when funds are available.

Through Overcoming Children, you can sponsor a student for $10/month or even make a one-time donation if you prefer. Our church wires every penny of the donations over each month. There are no fees or administrative costs taken out.

If it weren’t for Alice and the Overcoming Faith Academies, many of these kids would never get an education and some of them wouldn’t even survive. In addition to her own two children, Alice has also taken in fifteen orphans because that’s the kind of heart she has for helping these kids.

A little help makes a big difference in the lives of these children forever.

If you would like to give, click here.

If you feel like I once did, I encourage you keep an open mind for those less fortunate.

In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

Be brave!

Be blessed!

Be a giver!



Photos courtesy of Overcoming Children Facebook Page.

Author: Ashley

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