Repercussion for choosing a more natural lifestyle

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God gave us what we need on this Earth. We have plants and foods that contain nutrients with the power to maintain and heal our bodies. That is something I’ve become much more aware of and appreciative of since choosing a more natural lifestyle.

A few years ago, I really started learning more about using more natural products in our household. One of the first changes I made was in our cleaning products. The warning labels on products I used to clean my kitchen and bathroom were appalling. These warnings weren’t new. I just grew accustomed to thinking “that’s normal.” What brought the dangers of them to my attention was a local news story about a mother dying while cleaning her bathroom. I looked into natural cleaning solutions and began cleaning our home with vinegar and baking soda.

I didn’t stop there though. Making that switch opened up a whole can of worms: personal care products, beauty products, processed food, and even modern medicine. I continued my “ditch and switch” little by little throughout our home. I ditched the most toxic products and switched to healthier options. I began using essential oils and buying less junk food. I became one of “those people” (you know, the ones who read labels).

Gasp! I went crazy! Well, at least that’s how some people started to treat me, friends and family. I feel like I had it coming. I suppose it’s deserving for the way I treated my dad for so many years. People thought he was crazy talking about toxins and treating our bodies with vitamins instead of running to the doctor for every cough or sore throat. I thought he was crazy. I scoffed. I rolled my eyes. And the worst part of all, I learned to tune out my father’s advice.

Fast forward, and it turns out my dad was right all those years. The studies he was reading about and the people he was listening to turned out to be right. Our everyday products for cleaning house, bathing, and cooking contain toxins that eventually show up in our bodies as health problems.

I wish I had listened to my dad then. Now I know what he felt like when people scoffed at him and gave the argument that we’ve been using all this stuff for years and we’re doing just fine. I used to think if all these products were so harmful then they wouldn’t be allowed to sell them. Ha!

Now I get scoffed at and watch friends and family roll their eyes when I choose not to use a certain product or food offered to me and explain why. I watch it happen to others as well. It’s even gone as far as fellow Christians treating some of us like we don’t think God can heal us directly or miraculously anymore.

Um, excuse me? Say what? I don’t recall myself or the others I know saying anything about not believing in God for healing. I can’t speak for them, but I absolutely believe God can heal. I also believe in miracles. I didn’t realize that choosing a more natural lifestyle canceled out my belief in God’s ability to heal. I’ve just become much more aware on how I can be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to my health.

Let me put it this way. Would you expect God to heal your lung cancer while continuing to smoke a pack a day? I wouldn’t. Part of trusting God is doing our part too. If we are able to do something, we should be doing it. You don’t pray, “God, change my life,” and continue with the exact same routine every day.

I get that those of us who are passionate about using healthier products and eating better foods come across as way too pushy. Sometimes, we get a little too passionate. And sometimes you get a few who have that pushy nature with everything they do. We, unfortunately, also get labeled due to several of the natural product companies being multi-level marketing companies. Whether it’s a healthy shake, essential oils, or a vitamin infused coffee we use, we receive backlash just by the type of company.

Since making the change to more natural products and less processed food in our home, my husband and I have been healthier. I know those who drink their natural shakes and maintain a healthier weight and higher energy levels and have family who experience less pain and more energy by drinking their vitamin infused coffee each morning.

Nature isn’t new. As technology progressed, so did man’s ways of making his own food and medicine. Society became accustomed to the modern food and medicine, even if it wasn’t better for us. Once health problems started rising and some started speaking up, we began to turn back to what was there all along.

So, if you want to roll your eyes, go ahead. If you want to ignore us, go ahead. But I will not be quiet when it comes to questioning my relationship with my Maker because somebody else doesn’t believe that the resources He gave us can do more for us if we use them correctly.

Again, I can’t speak for others, but I am working on educating while being less pushy. I can’t help if some people are just defensive in general when it comes to opening their minds and trying things a different way. And by no means is my household 100% natural, but it’s a lot better than it use to be. Contrary to what some may think, even changing out a few things is better than changing nothing. It all adds up.

So, makes some changes or don’t. I’ll love you anyway, even if you choose to scoff at me.

Be healthy!

Be blessed!

Be brave!



Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.