Dear World

Dear World,

Be kind, please. I’m talking to you. Yes, you. At the grocery store. In the parking lot. In the drive-through. Even behind the counter. And you, especially, behind the desktop and holding that cellphone while tippy tapping out that post or comment attacking your fellow neighbor, American, and fellow humans across the seas. Be kind.

This virus is not just a physical ailment. It is not just COVID-19. It’s a mental virus and a social virus. It’s causing us to attack each other on politics, parenting, job status, religion, race, and culture. It’s got so many people scared and angry that it’s become a free-for-all. We are throwing everything we can at each other and seeing what sticks.

Please stop fighting a political war with your friends, family, and strangers over whether or not the Democrats or Republicans are making things worse for us. In case you are oblivious to this – neither side is actually good. They are both corrupt. Each side has its own agendas and, get this – they have a common agenda too – and it’s not looking out for me and you. So please stop doing their bidding. Be kind.

Parents and teachers, please stop being snippy. I’m sure some of you are relishing the fact that many parents are now stuck at home with their kids all day and are finally realizing what little hellions they’ve raised. There’s no need to rub it in. Trust me they are feeling it. Parents, stop taking your anger out on others over being home all day with your kids. They are your kids. It is your responsibility to take care of them and teach them how to behave. You may not be a math whiz or scientist. You’re not going to be able to teach them every subject at home just like the teachers, and that’s okay right now. Stop beating yourself up. Stop beating other parents up for their perfect post on crafting with the kiddos and just parent your kids. Give them structure and love and don’t make them feel like a burden right now. They will remember how you handled this time. Be kind.

Workers, both current and recently unemployed, stop arguing over who is essential or not. Stop putting other professions down although some have shown to be less needed to survive. Once the quarantines are lifted we will flock back to certain stores, restaurants, and services showing how much we really missed them. And once we do let’s not take the smaller ones for granted anymore because some of them aren’t going to survive this down time. So please be kind.

Religious or not, stop mocking religions. Fellow Christians, I’m looking at you first. I see you name-calling and angrily debating others over politics, religion, and even race during this crisis. We cannot fully love with hearts fueled by anger. Others, please stop asking “why doesn’t your God make this vanish,” or “where’s your God now?” We know where our God is and where our faith stands, even when we don’t understand what’s happening. Be kind.

Americans stop the race arguments. It does not help anything. It just adds fuel to the fire. Stop bashing other countries and cultures for how they are handling this. If you are reading this from another country, please stop hating us and wishing for us to get it worse because you don’t like our American president or American culture. A society that is scared and divided because they are blaming each other and taking their anger out on each other is easier to control locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide. So please knock it off. We are all humans. Be kind.

Please, World, be kind.



May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Psalms 19:14

Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.