Dear Spring

Dear Spring,

Thank you. You are the season of fresh air and fresh starts. The season of new growth. You bring rain to wash us clean and nurture the flowers. As the new buds soak up the sun, so do we.

The evenings and mornings may still be cool, but we can tell by the singing birds and the feeling in the air that it’s going to be a beautiful day. We open the shades and front door and let the warm afternoon sun heat the house.

Although I am Summer’s girl, I admire your beauty Spring. You are this photographer’s dream. I photograph leftover rain drops hanging on to the tree branches or sitting on the leaves of my unbloomed irises. I crouch down into the grass on dewey mornings and capture my sleepy daffodils. And once my tulips pop up, I’m grinning from ear to ear as I snap them from every angle I dare. They are my favorite, at least until my summer daylilies bloom.

Even the dog loves you and is eager to shake Winter’s blues. She’s not too fond of the rainy days but has no problem splashing through the mud puddles left behind. With mud coated paws and belly, she trots up and drops her ball or frisbee at our feet. Oh, it’s difficult to resist that happy heeler smile, even if it means one or both of us will also be muddy after a while. She enjoys walks to the park and checking out all the Spring smells along the way. And back home she finds the most sunny spot for her afternoon snooze.

Oh Spring, you are so many lovely things.
Most of all, you are the season of hope. Hope for beautiful flowers to bloom. Hope for leaves to fill the trees and provide shade for the warmer days. Hope for outdoor activities and laughter in the air. Hope that better days are ahead.

Thank you, Spring, for giving me more reasons to keep smiling.




 And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Matthew 6:28 NIV

Expand Your World

There’s more to life than your own back yard.

I started subscribing to a couple of expats on YouTube last year and it’s had a beautiful impact on me. I’ve talked to people living in Italy, France, Finland, Germany… I’ve learned a lot about other countries in the past year. I’ve become more fascinated with other languages and cultures…what we have in common and what we do differently.

A while back I mentioned my desire to go to Europe to someone and got told it was too dangerous to be traveling over there. Um, it’s dangerous just being alive these days…right? So why worry?

With social media now, it’s so much easier to connect with others, not only across our vast country but also the other side of the world. I encourage you to connect with other people. Learn about other cultures. Learn another language. I’ve studied Spanish, Mandarin, and Italian.

People have asked why. Why do I waste my time with it? Why am I so interested?

Because I want more. I want to know more. I want to see more. I live in America, but my ancestry is not American. We’re not an old country. The majority of us are from European descent.

I want to expand my world. I want to see ancient Rome. I want to float in the Dead Sea. I want to stand in places my ancestors came from, like England and Germany.

I want to see the way others live because our way of living is not the only way. We seem to think the other cultures do weird things. Um, they were around before us. Think about that for a second…Maybe we are the weird ones. Maybe ice isn’t so common in summer drinks. Maybe peanut butter is not a common item in the pantry in a European household…😊 Maybe life isn’t meant to be lived in such a rush all the time. There’s so much to learn from other cultures.

I don’t think we were put on this Earth to stay in our own back yard.  I mean, aren’t we told “Go into all the world…”

I challenge you to learn something about another culture or start learning another language. What’s the first country that comes to your mind that you might want to visit or learn more about?

Be brave. Expand your world.