His Love is Loyal

Others let you down. Spouses, parents, and friends can cause you to feel unloved sometimes. They are only human. But, there is One whose love always remains loyal. God. His love is LOYAL. Lauren Daigle does a beautiful job singing of this love in her song “Loyal.”

 “I could never earn Your heart” – Have you ever felt like you have had to really earn someone’s love for you? Have you felt that no matter how hard you have tried, it’s just not enough sometimes, or ever? We don’t have to earn this love. It’s already given. We just have to accept it. His love is LOYAL.

“But you have pulled me close/You’ll never let me go/I’m safe forever in Your arms” – Do you ever feel like you’ve been pushed away or let go of? I do. I have. When others push you away or let you go, remember that God is still there. You are safe in His arms. He will NEVER let you go. His love is LOYAL.

“Your promises I cannot break/And I know You will never change” – These lines are my favorite. We CANNOT break God’s promises. And He will NEVER change. Think about the magnitude of those statements. People will let us down time and time again. Promises will be broken. People will change. But God will not. His love is LOYAL.

As Lauren says, his love is “so constant, so perfect, unwavering.” Unwavering – how many times have you felt like someone’s love for you was wavering – unsteady, unreliable? Do we really love or get loved unconditionally? It seems that generally there are strings attached. “I’ll love you more if… I’ll love you more when…” or “He’ll love me more if… He’ll love me more when…” Sound familiar for some of us? People are not constant. Love is seldom truly given unconditionally in this world, but…His love is LOYAL.

No matter how many times we are let down by others or even ourselves, God’s love will remain LOYAL.

I encourage you, whether you already know this song or not, to look it up. Press play and simply soak in these lyrics.

Don’t let the conditional wavering love of others get you down. Be brave. Hold your head up because you are a Daughter of the most high King, and His love is LOYAL.



Author: Ashley

Midwest girl. Enjoying life with my husband.