Keep The Right Focus (New Year, New You – Part 4)

Keep the Right Focus (New Year, New You – Part 4)

You’ve got your goals set. You’ve got your vision for what’s ahead. Now what?

Keep your focus. I’m going to go in a different direction with this than what you’re probably thinking. I’m not talking about just focusing on your goals. I’m talking about keeping the right focus.

It’s possible to become too focused on a goal. If you become too focused on something it may do more harm than good. Don’t get so focused on reaching one goal that you lose track of why you’re working for it or how you are getting there. Make sure you stay true to your beliefs and values while in pursuit of a goal.

Last year, I was so focused on a certain goal that I didn’t realize until the year was almost over that I had lost sight of my purpose and who I should have been focused on. I forgot why God had put that dream in my heart. How I was getting there was no longer in line with His plans. I kept telling myself that I trusted God and had faith that it would all work out. However, when I didn’t see the results I wanted to see in my timing, I took matters into my own hands. Then I turned and questioned God.

You put me on this path. Why aren’t you helping me? You told me to do this. Why isn’t it working? Why are you making me wait so long? When am I going to see it? What do you expect me to do?

I’m not so proud of those questions. Here’s the thing about faith: It doesn’t question. If you truly have faith in someone or something, you don’t ask questions. You trust.

I wavered in my faith, and I lost the right focus.

Don’t let this happen to you. If it’s meant to be, He will help you get there. If pursuing your goal causes you to compromise on your beliefs or values, it’s either not meant to be, or you have lost the right focus.

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:6

Keep your focus on God while you pursue your goals.

Be brave!

Be blessed!



Take Baby Steps (New Year, New You – Part 3)

Take Baby Steps Towards Your Goals (New Year, New You –Part 3)

Do you ever find yourself down the “if” road when thinking about your goals? If I had more time, I would do it. If I had more money, I could afford it. If I knew more about it, I could accomplish it.

I wonder how many goals get pushed aside because too many people have the mentality that it’ll take too long, cost too much, or be too difficult.

I’ve been guilty of having that mentality. Continuing to think that way is a waste of your life. I do not believe we were put here to spend each day on auto-pilot. Instead of giving yourself excuses for not reaching your goals, start asking yourself what baby steps you can take to overcome the challenges that are holding you back.

Let’s turn those conditional statements we started with into actionable statements.


Can you spare 20 minutes somewhere in your day? Spending 20 minutes each day to work on your goal is progress. Maybe that means you spend 20 minutes reading your Bible, writing your book, or studying what you need to learn. Can you get up 20 minutes earlier? Can you use 20 minutes during your lunch hour? Can you take 20 minutes before you go to bed? Do you have a 20-minute commute to work that can be used to listen to an audio book, language, or podcast? Analyze how you spend your day and find 20 minutes you can take from something less important than your goal.


I know from personal experience how easy it is to spend a few dollars on whatever you want in the moment over saving it for your goal. A few dollars don’t seem to matter when your goal is a few thousand, right? Wrong. It matters. Every little bit adds up and gets you closer sooner. So, put down that caramel macchiato. Skip that fountain drink. Say no to the guacamole. (I know, gasp!) And start putting that money towards that goal. Get a jar or some sort of container to put your extra change in. If you don’t use cash, then consider setting up a separate account for that goal money and make a weekly transfer. You can do it!


Maybe you haven’t started that business, blog, or project because you don’t know enough yet. Well, start learning. Can you take a night class? Are there How To videos you can watch online? Is there an app you can download? Start learning what you need to know one step at a time. Maybe you know someone who can teach you part of what you need to know. Reach out and ask for help. There are plenty of resources available for learning. Pick one and start.

I know that baby steps can be frustrating. It seems like one little step at a time will take way too long. Ask yourself this: Would you rather get there in a few years or never get there at all?

Take baby steps and celebrate the small victories as you work your way towards your goal.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

Be brave!

Be blessed!



This is Part 3 of the New Year, New You series. Here is Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them. 

Vision for the Year Ahead (New Year, New You – Part 2)

Vision for the Year Ahead (New Year, New You – Part 2)

How many times have you heard it said that top athletes and performers vision their success before they compete or perform? We hear Olympic runners talk about seeing themselves crossing that finish line. Swimmers vision themselves hitting the water just right and finding their stride. The gymnasts see themselves landing off that beam with two steady feet. Some of them spend years running the perfect scenario in their head over and over until competition day is finally here.

This is because having vision is important. When you take the time to see yourself doing what it is you want to do, it helps you reach that goal. It makes it feel real to you. It makes it feel achievable. It helps give you clarity.

It’s time to get clear about your year.

Don’t just tell yourself: This year will be better.

Define the “better.” Better how?

Will you be more financially stable? What does that look like? Will you get out of debt? Will you cut frivolous expenses? Will you save for a vacation?

Will you be stronger in your faith? Will you read your Bible more? Will you spend more time in prayer? Will you listen to more faith-based messages?

Will you be healthier? What does “healthier” mean to you? Will you eat out less often? Will you drink more water? Will you cook healthier meals? Will you be more physically active?

I want you to schedule time to sit down with pen and paper and write out your vision for your year ahead. Even if you just set a 10-minute timer. Sit down and start writing. Don’t worry about making it perfect. You can go back later and add to it or re-do it. Just start getting those creative juices flowing.

What do you see yourself doing? What do you see yourself having? Where do you see yourself going? Who do you see yourself with?

 Write these things down as if they are currently happening to you and the more detailed the better.

Do you see yourself going on a beach vacation this year? Write about how warm the sun feels on your back and how soft the sand is under your feet while you walk down the beach and hear the waves crashing on the shore.

Just reading that last sentence most likely made you picture walking down the beach in your mind.

That’s how powerful a vision is in your mind. Practice it. Use it over and over. Vision the year ahead. Vision yourself making that last car payment or house payment. Vision yourself getting that promotion at work. Vision yourself speaking at that conference. Vision yourself completing your goals, big and small.

God gave us the ability to vision. Use it!

Be brave!

Be blessed!



This is Part 2 of New Year, New You. Check out Part 1 if you missed it!

New Year, New You – Tips for Setting Better Goals

New Year, New You – Tips for Setting Better Goals for the New Year

Just because the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins doesn’t mean that we have a new life all of a sudden. However, a new year beginning is symbolic and gives many of us a renewed feeling of hope that we can have a fresh start at life.

This excitement for a fresh start usually comes along with some New Year’s Resolutions too which are generally abandoned before Spring arrives.

So, I want to help you out and give you some ways to succeed at setting some life goals to stick with for the next year, instead of resolutions that will soon be forgotten.


Set goals, not just New Year’s Resolutions.

What do I mean by this? I mean don’t just make a cookie cutter resolution like I’m going to go the gym every day or I’m going to give up sugar.

Come on! Resolutions like that are abandoned most of the time because they’re not realistic.

Sure, there may be a few really disciplined people out there who could pull these off, but are you seriously going to put in the sacrifice for these? Really?

Set goals like I’m going to start going to the gym once a week or I’m going to limit myself to one soda each day. Setting goals like these brings me to my next point.

Break up your goals.

Can you have big scary goals? Absolutely! But don’t start your year off trying to obtain the big goal right away. You are much more likely to achieve the big goal if you break it up into small goals. Start out small and work your way up to it. If you start too big, you’ll likely burn out quick. Start with something small and measurable.

 Go to the gym once a week the first few months. If that’s working out and you want more, bump it up to twice a week. Maybe by the end of the year you can actually get yourself going every day with ease.

I set yearly goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals. Then I figure out what tasks I need to do each day to help me achieve those.

Treat Yo’self!

Set up some rewards to go along with your goals. Tell yourself when you meet your first weight loss goal, you can go buy a new outfit. If you finish writing the first chapter of your book, go celebrate with a friend. Having some reward to look forward to can help keep you going until you meet that goal.


Make sure you look over all your goals occasionally (like once a quarter) and re-evaluate them. You may need to make some adjustments. You may realize that something you really thought you wanted to accomplish isn’t that important to you now. It’s okay to change and adjust your goals.

If you’ve fallen behind, make an adjustment and start back up again. I used to just plain give up if I fell behind after the first month or two. If you give up, you’ll never get there. If it’s important to you, then keep going. Baby steps are still progress.

If you’ve written out your goals for 2019, that’s great! You’ve got step one done! Now look over your goals and see where you can break them down and make them measurable. Set some rewards. And remember to re-evaluate your goals throughout the year.

If you haven’t written out your goals for 2019, get to it! Go! Now! Grab a pen and paper and write down your goals.

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Be brave!

Be blessed!

Be a goal-getter!