Guide to Buying the Best Linear Actuator

Building a linear motion involves selecting the right actuator. Considering different qualities, technologies, and sizes, you have thousands of options to consider. The difficult task is to narrow down to the actuator that delivers your results. Although this might not seem to be difficult, the requirements of the project might vary, making it challenging to determine the right fit. When choosing a linear actuator 24v, these are the critical things to pay attention to.


Speed is a critical factor you should pay attention when choosing a linear actuator. The screw-type actuators are considered to be economical and effective at high speeds, they have a problem knowns screw whip. In this case, the screw bows out whenever it turns. This results in premature wear and vibration.

The critical speed of the linear actuator depends on material and dimensions of the screw. There are different equations that can help you to calculate critical speed. Thus, if the speed is high for a screw-type actuator, then you should opt for a belt-drive actuator and linear motor.


This is another important factor to look for when choosing an actuator. Load capacity sizing for the actuator is not a straightforward thing. This is because you need to determine the axial load capacity, guide bearings, and support carriage. Make sure you select a linear actuator that accommodates all loads.

Most designers think that what is important is the load capacity. However, with load capacity alone, you cannot determine the actual service life of a linear actuator. You need to take into account other factors, such as stiffness when the actuator is subjected to different load directions.


It is advisable to opt for electromechanical actuators are they better and safer for the environment. Remember that choosing the right linear actuator helps prevent accidents in the facility. Also, their designs have minimal impact on the environment. Unlike pneumatic and hydraulic counterparts, these actuators do not need bulky support systems, such as oils, pumps, hoses, and oils. In this way, you can eliminate risk of leaks that can create environmental contamination and slip hazards.

Stroke Length

Screw-based linear actuators are considered to be effective and can be used to deliver strokes of more than 10 ft. However, you need to be careful when dealing with long travel screw actuators. If you want to achieve long stroke lengths, you should go for belt drives. The modern belt-driven linear actuators are engineered with high-quality materials and require minimal maintenance.


Make sure you keep budget in mind when buying actuators. The most expensive actuators are linear ones and the most economical are belt drives.


You should note that engineering involves trade-offs. Depending on the application, your budget might be more important than performance. When designing the process, make sure you first consider the actuator. Ensure you use the standard components that satisfy your needs. After choosing the best linear actuator, you should determine how to control it properly. In addition, you need to consider its maintenance requirements, service life, and adaptability.



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